Coffee Science

UC Davis Coffee Center Opens

The Coffee Center at the University of California, Davis, officially opened Friday, May 3. The Coffee Center is a center of excellence in the UC Davis College of Engineering and the first academic research and teaching facility in the U.S. entirely dedicated to the study of coffee.

AIChE: More than Just a Chemical Engineering Club

From career advancement to unique social events to their revered presence at Picnic Day, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers at the University of California, Davis, has something to offer every engineering student. 

App for Coffee Quality Assurance Engineered at UC Davis

Researchers at the UC Davis Coffee Center in the College of Engineering, through a partnership with cloud service provider Fabscale, have engineered a new way to analyze coffee for quality control, at a low cost. Their new photo-based app Roastpic is launching on April 12 to give anyone with a smartphone a better picture of the quality of their coffee beans. 

Coffee Across Borders

Tonya Kuhl, chair of the chemical engineering department and co-director of the UC Davis Coffee Center, exchanges coffee and chemical engineering research and knowledge with Osaka University, a UC Davis Global Knowledge Partner.

Brewed to Perfection

It’s a scorching summer morning at UC Davis, but inside a laboratory at Everson Hall, about 20 students are busy brewing hot cups of joe. They’ve just completed a competition to brew the perfect cup of coffee — and earned college credits at the same time.

Innovating for our future

From our morning cups of coffee to our essential health care routines, the daily aspects of our lives are being studied — and improved — by UC Davis graduate students. These scholars are committed to taking the extra step in education and discovery, all while assisting their professors and teaching undergraduates.

Beyond the Bean

This fall, UC Davis will begin construction of the UC Davis Coffee Center, creating the world’s first academic research center focused on coffee. The building will house office and teaching space, labs, a roastery and more as part of an effort to transform the way people think about and understand the beverage.