Engineering Progress

Concrete History

A College of Engineering tradition began when students stepped into their canoe floating on a lake in southern Sacramento County on a chilly March afternoon in 1975. It was the first time its students had competed in the Concrete Canoe Competition.

Pillars of the Community

On the eve before Picnic Day, the UC Davis College of Engineering Class of 1969 witnessed the unveiling of a new pillar at the Engineering Student Design Center that symbolizes the group’s pivotal support to the college.

E-SEARCH Opens Doors to Higher Education

Initiated as part of the College of Engineering’s Next Level strategic vision for education, E-SEARCH pairs undergraduate engineering students with graduate researchers, aiming to equip students with the tools they will need for success in graduate school or careers in engineering.

Beneath the Surface

Oceanographer-slash-computer-scientist Maike Sonnewald discusses using artificial intelligence to build a foundation of knowledge and insight into the ocean’s role in the climate system to better predict long-range weather and help society prepare for climate change.


Technologies like ChatGPT have brought the potential of artificial intelligence into public awareness unlike ever before. In the College of Engineering, researchers show all that AI can and can be by pushing the boundaries of its foundational design and use in medicine and agriculture.

Horizon Lines

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Kari Watkins leads a project to turn the UC Davis campus into the world’s premier living-learning lab for researching bike and bus infrastructure.

It's Electric

Halfway through their four-year challenge to design and customize a next-generation electric vehicle, the student-led UC Davis EcoCAR team is at full throttle.

The Cleanroom Where It Happens

The Center for Nano-MicroManufacturing supports leading-edge scalable research and development in electronics, materials and life sciences and is well-positioned to contribute to artificial intelligence hardware research and semiconductor workforce development efforts.

Breaking Down the Gut-Brain Divide

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, are taking the phrase “follow your gut” to a whole new level: They’re creating microfluidic technology that can map out and probe the neural pathways that form the gut-brain axis for the first time.