Engineering Progress

Engineering Solutions

In many classrooms, instructors use touchscreen tablets to operate overhead projectors. They are straightforward tools, but only if the user can see which buttons to press. This summer, University of California, Davis, history lecturer Seth Clark discovered his sight impairment made the tablets challenging to use.

Meet Our New Faculty

So far this academic year, the College of Engineering has welcomed 17 new faculty members, whose research ranges from tissue engineering to reverse cellular aging and combining oceanography with complex systems simulations to deepen understanding of Earth’s climate. Among several new members is a focus on artificial intelligence research, significantly advancing the college’s academic leadership in the field.

A Key to the College of Engineering's Past

The Bent Monument's design, initially a watch key, symbolizes Tau Beta Pi, the oldest U.S. engineering honor society. Erected on campus in 1973, its installation involved student ingenuity and collaboration. The monument, now a popular photo spot, embodies UC Davis' spirit of breaking ground, collaborative excellence and looking toward the future.

A Second Wind

UC Davis' first wind tunnel was built in 1975 in Bainer Hall by then-new faculty member Bruce with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Today, assistant professors Camli Badrya and Christina Harvey are taking the wind tunnels to the next level.

Advocating for Equity in Engineering

A new course for undergraduate students in the College of Engineering at the University of California, Davis, explores the vital intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion within the engineering field.