Congressman Garamendi and local manufacturing leaders convene at the College of Engineering

April 23, 2019
On Wednesday, April 17, Congressman John Garamendi (D, CA) and his Manufacturing Advisory Board met at the College of Engineering to discuss strengthening the manufacturing sector through research and discovery. Garamendi addressed the approximately 50 board members spanning a wide range of manufacturing stakeholders from the region, along with representatives from state and federal policymakers and labor organizations.

Gearing Up for Big Changes

March 05, 2019
Creativity needs space, time and the proper tools for an idea to come to fruition. Thanks to a generous $5M gift from John ’69 and Mindy Baum, the Engineering Student Design Center (ESDC) will provide an expanded, visionary new space in which students will be able to dive into creative and entrepreneurial ventures.

Engineering Student Design Center hosts women in engineering open house

February 25, 2019

The Engineering Student Design Center (ESDC) hosted a well-attended Women in Engineering open house on Thursday, January 31. Student staff gave visitors a tour of the facility, showing off the lab’s nine 3D printers and demonstrating the laser cutter, which printed commemorative keychains before their eyes. The event also served an opportunity for female faculty, staff and graduate students from the UC Davis community to mingle and learn more about the facility.

Record Participation Slated for Design Showcase

May 18, 2016

DAVIS, Calif.; May 18, 2016—This year’s UC Davis College of Engineering Design Showcase will be the largest in the school’s history with more than 170 student teams participating. Students present a range of projects from a parking enforcement drone to a scale that weighs bees to a water-conserving grape cleaning robot and DIY electric powered wheelchair. Video from the 2016 event: