Student Spotlight: Jacqueline Arroyo Donjuan '23

“I have gained so much support from AvenueE, and I would not be in the academic and professional position that I am in today without them,” Arroyo Donjuan said. “AvenueE has facilitated my access to multiple resources such as tutoring, success coaching, counseling, guest speakers, internship, and, scholarship opportunities.”

Student Spotlight: Janine Moses ’19, M.S. ’23

Janine Moses ’19, M.S. ’23 has wanted to be an astronaut since she was three years old. “There was never a why. It just was,” Janine says. She recalls a report she did on Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, as a significant source of inspiration. Today, Janine continues to seek inspiration from women in her field—both the women astronauts she met while interning with NASA and the classmates-turned-friends at UC Davis.

Student Spotlight: Ashna Reddy

Ashna Reddy ’23 chose mechanical engineering for its practical applications. She was fascinated by the entire process of building something from start to finish and has found many opportunities to explore engineering on- and off-campus. From data analysis in the fast-paced corporate environment at Tesla to a Martian and lunar space deployable structures internship at NASA, Ashna has steadily gained hands-on experience and confidence in her abilities as an engineer.

Faculty Spotlight: Yayoi Takamura

My general approach in life is to lead by example and put 110% effort towards excelling in the important goals. I try to demonstrate that gender does not prevent me from excelling, and I try to be a good role model to the next generation to inspire them to work hard towards their goals.

Faculty Spotlight: Xin Liu

My current research focuses on machine learning algorithm development and machine learning applications in human and animal healthcare, food systems, and computer networks. I love this type of interdisciplinary research - I can see its direct impact and huge potential in our society.

Faculty Spotlight: Priya Shah

My lab studies how viruses hijack cells and turn them into tiny viral factories that produce more viruses. This information can be helpful to develop therapies and also design new cellular controls inspired by our enemies (viruses)! I love my research because it is sometimes unbelievable how "clever" viruses can be by evolving certain traits.

Faculty Spotlight: Nina Amenta

I am now working on a mathematical description of the way shapes deform over time. This grew out of some research I did a long time ago about visualizing how the shapes of monkey skulls evolve, but it has turned into the development of some cool new math.

Faculty Spotlight: Marina Radulaski

I love that in my lab, we can create states of matter that don't occur in our everyday experience - the quantum states. It feels like having a secret key to unlocking the unique mysteries of the universe.

Faculty Spotlight: Marina Leite

Engineering is at the intersection of fundamental and applied research, which I find perfectly aligned with one of my long-term career goals: doing science that can help our society mitigate climate change.

Faculty Spotlight: Laura Marcu

My work is in the area of biophotonic technologies research and applications in medicine. These technologies can provide solutions to critical societal problems such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, and possibly save lives.