Welcome to the College of Engineering! LEADR stands for Leadership in Engineering Advancement, Diversity and Retention. The LEADR program’s mission is to recruit, retain and graduate a diverse population of students from the College of Engineering. Participants must be engineering students who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • first generation and/or Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students
  • Past participation in the MESA Engineering Pre-College or Community College Program, AVID, Upward Bound, or similar pre-college enrichment programs
  • Potential for leadership in increasing the participation of students in engineering from historically underrepresented groups 

Information for Prospective Students

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LEADR Frequently Asked Questions

LEADR is comprised of the following program components:

  • LEADR Advising. All first- and second- year LEADR students have mandatory, quarterly advising (fall, winter and spring) holds. LEADR advising is holistic- focusing on both the individual as a student, and as a person. To read more about LEADR Advising, click here..
  • LEADR Student Center. A dedicated study space for individuals and groups, the LEADR Student Center is open to any student who supports diversity and inclusion in the field of engineering, and who shares a willingness to create a welcoming environment for all students. Located in 1062 Kemper Hall, “the Center” can be found bustling with students at all times of the day. 
  • LEADR Summer Bridge A five-day transitional program for first-year freshman students before the start of fall quarter. During Summer Bridge, students live in residence halls with upper-division resident mentors and spend their days learning about campus resources, the transition from high school to college, how to cultivate a sense of belonging and professional development.
  • LEADR LLC A residential experience for first-generation students who want to major in engineering. This LLC will allow students of similar backgrounds to live together, take a 1-unit seminar (ENG 11), enjoy programming related to college success as it pertains to engineering, and more! LEADR LLC FAQ
  • LEADR Meetings. LEADR students have weekly (first-year) or biweekly (second- and third-year) meetings as a group to learn about a variety of topics that address academic and personal growth, while emphasizing the engineering field as a whole.
Year First Second Third Fourth and Beyond
Theme Sense of Belonging Sense of Purpose Sense of Direction Sense of Accomplishment
Goals ·Build community and a sense of belonging

·Foster interactions between peers & staff

·Know about, and use, resources on campus

·Understand well-being and self care


·Commitment to major, remembering “why I am here”

·Motivation, confidence, resiliency

·Develop a plan for after graduation

·Set personal goals

·Faculty/industry mentorship

·Professional development

·Professional development

·Career exploration


LEADR students are required to meet the minimum standards of our participation model, which builds on each year and ensures that the path toward graduation is fully supported.

LEADR Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on LEADR or the Student Center, please contact:

Tanya Whitlow, LEADR Program Director @ tculliverwhitlow@ucdavis.edu

Laura Hackett, LEADR Program Advisor @ lahackett@ucdavis.edu

Ashley Pelham, LEADR Program Advisor @ anpelham@ucdavis.edu

Abraham Arellano, LEADR Program Coordinator @ abarellano@ucdavis.edu