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Engineering Progress Magazine

Published twice a year by the UC Davis College of Engineering, Engineering Progress features the college's outstanding students, faculty, alumni and staff and highlights research achievements and college news.

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uc davis engineering progress magazine spring 2020

Spring 2020

  • Advancing cancer research at UC Davis (Cover Story)
  • Going viral
  • EXPLORER scans cancer patients
  • Securing and succeeding in an engineering job
  • Solving agricultural challenges with engineering and robotics
  • Faculty Spotlight: Mohamed Hafez
  • The power of nighttime solar
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uc davis engineering progress fall 2019

Fall 2019

  • Student Startup Center: inspiring undergraduate innovators (Cover Story)
  • Improving healthcare with 'smart' tech
  • Space Engineering at UC Davis
  • Engineering Student Design Center
  • Fluid Mechanics Pioneer: Professor Emeritus Stephen Whitaker
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uc davis engineering progress winter 2020

Winter 2019

  • Gearing up for big changes (Cover Story)
  • The science of Lake Tahoe
  • UC Davis alumna Diane Bryant
  • Human images from the world's first total-body scanner unveiled
  • Supporting the next wave of water leaders
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uc davis engineering progress summer 2018

Summer 2018

  • Karen Moxon: Decoding the Brain (Cover story)
  • Maureen Kinyua: Waste Not
  • Matt Bishop and Sam King: Securing Cyberspace
  • James and Penelope Shackelford: The Glass of Wine
  • In Memoriam: John D. Kemper
  • In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Bruce White
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uc davis engineering progress winter 2018

Winter 2018

  • Engineering alums build new technology for sustainable plastics (Cover Story)
  • High-frequency chip brings researchers closer to next-generation technology
  • New cardiac catheter combines light and ultrasound to measure plaques
  • College hosts National Academy of Engineering symposium
  • Energy graduate group welcomes inaugural class
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uc davis engineering progress spring 2017

Spring 2017

  • Record Number of New Faculty (Cover Story)
  • Alumni Honored at College of Engineering Awards Dinner
  • Faculty Elected to National Academy of Engineering
  • Peet’s Coffee Pledges $250,000 to Advance Coffee Research
  • Measuring and Optimizing Computer Networks
  • Computer Model is ‘Crystal Ball’ for E. Coli
  • Distinguished Lecture Series
  • One Month in a Floating Village
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uc davis engineering progress summer 2016

Summer 2016

  • New Approaches to Energy Conversion: Srabanti Chowdhury Joins UC Davis Faculty (Cover Story)
  • Manufacturing the Future of Biomedical Engineering
  • Retired Faculty-Staff Couple Gives $1 Million to Create Engineering Professorship
  • UC Davis Scientists Demonstrate DNA-based Electrical Switch
  • UC Davis Photonics Technology Helps Shrink Telescopes
  • Generous Endowment Will Assist Engineering Undergrads
  • Researchers Create World’s First 1,000-Processor Chip
  • UC Davis researchers developing hand-held device to detect E. coli, other pathogens
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uc davis engineering progress winter 2016

Winter 2016

  • Ready for her close-up: Jennifer Sinclair Curtis embraces her role as new dean
  • VIDEO: Meet Dean Jennifer Sinclair Curtis
  • A Safe And Sturdy Infrastructure: Geotechnical engineer Jason Dejong explores “bio-soil” as a means of stabilizing future dams, bridges and buildings
  • Helping Growers Optimize Irrigation
  • UC Davis Receives $15.5 Million for Breakthrough PET Scanner
  • Nanoporous Gold Sponge Makes Pathogen Detector 
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