Food, Energy and Water

Big Data Comes to Dinner

Artificial intelligence is already changing how people work, communicate online, create art and manage businesses. Now the technology is being used in every aspect of our food systems.

Annual Student Rally Connects Students to Local Research and Industry

The UC Davis student branch of the ASABE hosted the organization’s Annual Student Rally for California and Nevada in January, where students learned about today’s agricultural industry, from producing high-protein almond milk to gene editing for essential crops to heritage sheep breeding.

Chemical Engineering Professor to Lead New Center for Alternative Meat and Protein

The University of California, Davis, is leading the establishment of a new Integrative Center for Alternative Meat and Protein, or iCAMP. The center will work toward large-scale commercialization and technological advancement of alternative proteins, including cultivated meat (from animal cells grown in large fermentors), plant- and fungal-based foods, and innovative hybrids that combine conventional meat products with alternative proteins.

Using Yeast to Convert Almond Hulls to Animal Feed

Yeast grown on almond hulls could be a new, sustainable route to produce high-protein animal feed from an agricultural waste product, according to research from UC Davis published Nov. 15 in PLOS One.

Shamim Ahamed Named Hellman Fellow

A dozen early-career faculty members at UC Davis have been named to this year's Hellman Fellowship, a program to help propel their work to the next level. One faculty member selected is Shamim Ahamed, an assistant professor of biological and agricultural engineering.

When It Comes to AI, Farmers Will Need to Strike a Balance

AI has affected numerous job markets with Goldman Sachs economists estimating that 300 million jobs across the globe could be automated by AI. However, AI is not always better, faster or cheaper with current iterations prone to mistakes or false information.