Graduate Studies

2021 College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards

Starting this year, the UC Davis College of Engineering is proud to recognize four outstanding graduate students with the College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards.

These awards honor the achievements and contributions of engineering graduate students for their research and service. Nominations were open to any M.S. and Ph.D. student enrolled in a graduate program in the college. Each award recipient will receive a $500 scholarship and their name will be added to a permanent display located in the Kemper Hall lobby.

Alin Wakefield: Supporting the Next Generation

Alin Wakefield is the Research and Graduate Studies Development Coordinator in the College of Engineering. His duties focus on developing strategies to expand recruitment and retention efforts, project management, faculty development and student coaching.

UC Davis CHEST Center

What started as a hobby in security hardware for Houman Homayoun has grown into a cybersecurity consortium led by the University of Cincinnati in partnership with several other national universities, including the University of California at Davis, Northeastern University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Virginia and the University of Dallas.

Roland Faller

  • Executive Associate Dean
  • Facilities and Capital Planning
  • Graduate Studies
Roland Faller shares management responsibilities for college wide facilities as well as space planning, assignment and maintenance; liaison to central campus for facilities and space needs. Faller also oversees the graduate programs in the College of Engineering.
1042 Kemper Hall

College of Engineering Student Research Toward a Drug Against Chemical Weapons

by Elizabeth Thomson

Jasmine Corbin’s career as a UC Davis graduate student—she is scheduled to receive her Ph.D. in chemical engineering this fall—should be an inspiration for graduate students everywhere.

After years in the lab, her hard work is on track to what could be a spectacular payoff: the production of an affordable drug against organophosphorus nerve agents like sarin gas, the chemical weapon infamous for its use in Syria.