UC Davis Students Put Engineering and Professional Skills Into Global Practice

In the remote learning environment, students in a UC Davis University Writing Program engineering writing class have a new way to engage in global collaborations. Ten small-scope, high-impact projects offered by companies based in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, and Spain are giving undergraduate engineering students in UWP102E the opportunity to put professional writing and communication skills into practice.

Bit Project: Accessible Project-based STEM Education

Bit Project is a student-run organization at UC Davis that integrates hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities into underserved K-12 classrooms in Davis and the surrounding areas. The organization started in April 2019 as an effort to make engineering education accessible to all by bringing resources to students who couldn’t afford to pay for expensive educational kits and programs. Curriculum developers designed classroom projects that use robotics to help transform the traditional lesson plan to a more problem-solving based experience.