Student Startup Center

Professor Ralph Aldredge Receives VentureWell Foundation Grant

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC Davis, Ralph Aldredge, received a Course & Program Grant from the VentureWell Foundation. The grant will support targeted outreach to introduce underrepresented undergraduate students to entrepreneurship at the Student Startup Center.

Staff Spotlight: Dawn Strickland

Dawn Strickland is the administrator of the Student Startup Center, based in the College of Engineering, and is responsible for the center’s operations, marketing and outreach. She also serves as lecturer for "Launching a Company" (ENG 080), a class in which students use modern startup-building methods to launch their own startups.

Dawn Strickland: Fostering an Inclusive, Entrepreneurial Community

The Student Startup Center (SSC) at UC Davis is a community of students and mentors interested in using innovation and entrepreneurship to make the world a better place. The center is designed to introduce students to entrepreneurs and early-stage investors, allow students to practice the work of entrepreneurs and early-stage investors and teach students useful knowledge and skills for their journeys as student entrepreneurs.

Engineering Student Startup Center Receives First Major Gift

David Kappos believes that addressing many of the world’s most daunting problems can be condensed to a single word: Innovation.

“Innovation is where the action is,” he explains. “It’s the most important human activity for education and industry, for our country and the entire world. Innovation creates opportunity, jobs, great new products and services, better health care outcomes and much more. It will solve the world’s most daunting challenges, from climate change to reliable supplies of food and water.”

New entrepreneurship class makes waves at UC Davis

The UC Davis College of Engineering launched a quiet revolution this spring quarter: ECH 98, “Starting and Prototyping a Technology Venture,” a trial two-unit course fast-tracked so quickly that its very existence wasn’t known until one week before the quarter began.

College of Engineering Launches Student Startup Center

Entrepreneurial students at the UC Davis College of Engineering will soon have a dedicated on-campus space to prototype their ideas and collaborate on technology ventures. Located in Room 2060 of the Academic Surge building on the university campus, the new Engineering Student Startup Center (ESSC) will unleash the creative potential of engineering students by facilitating ideation, prototyping, collaboration, and ultimately, the formation of student-led technology startups.