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Departments Recognize Faculty and Students for Excellence in Teaching, Learning

The University of California, Davis College of Engineering celebrates faculty members, graduate students and undergraduate students selected by the college's eight academic departments to receive Excellence in Teaching Awards, the Outstanding Senior Award and undergraduate student department citations.

Excellence in Teaching Awards are presented to one faculty member and one graduate student teaching assistant in each department for strong commitment to the educational mission and vision of the college and for consistently performing above and beyond expectations in teaching and mentoring the next generation of engineers and leaders.

The Outstanding Senior Awards recognize one graduating senior per major who has made significant contributions to the learning environment through active academic engagement at UC Davis. This prestigious award is given to seniors across campus and is distinct from the departmental citations, which recognize exemplary achievements or service among graduating seniors.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Ali Moghimi
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Brenna Gracely
  • Outstanding Senior Award: Morgan Johnson (Biological Systems Engineering)
  • Department Citations:
    • Daphne Lee
    • Emily Michaela Makeev

Biomedical Engineering

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Anthony Passerini
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Ben Mattison
  • Outstanding Senior Award: Sonia Bhaskaran
  • Department Citations: To be announced

Chemical Engineering

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Coleman Kronawitter
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Fizza Usmani
  • Outstanding Senior Awards:
    • Vincent Martin (Biochemical Engineering)
    • Skye Frank (Chemical Engineering)
  • Department Citations:
    • Andrew Nguyen
    • Eric Del Aguila
    • Hudson Brown
    • Megan Dunkin
    • Michael Leong

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Fabian Bombardelli
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Lei Zhou
  • Outstanding Senior Awards:
    • Freesia Finn (Civil Engineering)
    • Genevieve Burye (Environmental Engineering)
  • Department Citations: 
    • Amber Dekker
    • Angel Verdejo
    • Carlos Trejo Vera
    • Genevieve Imboden
    • Hannah Best
    • Ibrahim Alghadeer
    • Jessica Lee 
    • Riana Mansing
    • Sharod Nandi
    • Sydney Sandoval

Computer Science

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Jason Lowe-Power
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Jia-wei Liang
  • Outstanding Senior Awards:
    • Ashley Bilbrey (Computer Science)
    • Adityaa Ravi (Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Department Citations:
    •  Angela Hawkins
    •  Shyam Agarwal 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: William Putnam
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Kartik Patwari
  • Outstanding Senior Awards:
    • Jackson Vaughn (Computer Engineering)
    • Noah Wagner (Electrical Engineering)
  • Department Citations: 
    • Charles Tweedy
    • Darren Taira
    • Isabel Munos
    • Kimberly Tong
    • Luke Jones
    • Thomas Liang

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Susan Gentry
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Hudson Shih
  • Outstanding Senior Award: Jared Ura
  • Department Citations: 
    • Hannah Darr
    • Zachary White

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Francis Assadian
  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award: Jiahe Chai
  • Outstanding Senior Awards:
    • Lovleen Kaur (Aerospace Science and Engineering)
    • Angel Rodas (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Department Citation: Tristan Pham

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