Tools at the Nano- and Micro-Scales

The Cleanroom Where It Happens

The Center for Nano-MicroManufacturing supports leading-edge scalable research and development in electronics, materials and life sciences and is well-positioned to contribute to artificial intelligence hardware research and semiconductor workforce development efforts.

Breaking Down the Gut-Brain Divide

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, are taking the phrase “follow your gut” to a whole new level: They’re creating microfluidic technology that can map out and probe the neural pathways that form the gut-brain axis for the first time.

Ultrafast Laser Pulses Could Lessen Data Storage Energy Needs

New research published in Physical Review Letters shows how an experiment with lasers and magnets resulted in the domain walls within ferromagnetic layers moving at previously unheard-of speeds, paving the way for more sustainable and energy-efficient data storage.