Women in STEM

An Earth Shattering Shift

Katerina Ziotopoulou, M.S. '10, Ph.D. '14 is consumed with the shifting of the world - both professionally and personally. As an associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ziotopoulou’s work is focused on developing tools to improve the way we gather data about and understand soil behaviors and the resilience of soil-structure systems during earthquakes.

Club Spotlight: Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

The Women in Computer Science (WiCS) club aims to provide women pursuing computer science at UC Davis an empowering space by providing opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, hosting workshops to facilitate success in the major and bringing in mentors to encourage and coach WiCS members.

Eye on the Sky: Sarahi Granados '21

The path from passionate second-grader to James Webb Telescope engineer wasn’t an easy one for Sarahi Granados '21, especially as a first-generation Latina woman in engineering, but she’s incredibly grateful for the education, resources and connections at UC Davis that helped her get there.

Tina Jeoh Receives Danisco Foundation Scientific Excellence Medal

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Professor Tina Jeoh received the 2021 Danisco Foundation Science Excellence Medal. Every year, the award recognizes one scientist for their scientific and operational excellence and a remarkable track record of accomplishments in research and collaboration with industry.

Engineers Study Bird Flight

A new study from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor Christina Harvey uses modeling and aerodynamics to describe how gulls can change the shape of their wings to control their response to gusts or other disturbances. The lessons could one day apply to uncrewed aerial vehicles or other flying machines.

Thwarting Viruses, Restoring Speech

Chemical Engineering Assistant Professor Priya Shah has been awarded $40,000 for her project that unravels the essential aspects of arbovirus replication, and aims to thwart a major source of emerging disease by identifying novel therapeutic targets.

Geometric Analysis Reveals How Birds Mastered Flight

For her doctoral research at the University of Michigan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor Christina Harvey and her colleagues found that most birds can morph their wings mid-flight to flip back and forth between flying smoothly like a passenger plane and flying acrobatically like a fighter jet.