Cristina Davis

Faculty Spotlight: Cristina Davis

This spotlight is part of our 2022 International Women's Day feature.

Describe your personal and professional background and current role in the College of Engineering.

I am currently the Associate Dean for Research at the UC Davis College of Engineering, and I work to support all types of research across the college. I am especially interested in fostering interdisciplinary research with teams of faculty members.

What led you to the engineering field?

I've always been very good at math and realized that engineering was one way to use that talent to better society.

Highlight your current research. What do you love about it, why are you excited and how do you stay motivated?

I work on miniature chemical sensor systems and human and agriculture monitoring applications. I enjoy this work because it brings me in contact with so many talented researchers across our wonderful campus!

The 2022 International Women’s Day theme is #BreakTheBias. How do you support gender equity and #BreakTheBias in the engineering field?

I am encouraged to see women increasingly in leadership positions in engineering worldwide. By giving voices to a diverse community of contributors, we all benefit from various experiences.

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