College of Engineering Celebrates Next Level Research Vision with 2023 Showcase

Next Level Research Showcase: Welcome & PI Presentations

Just under a year after the College of Engineering and Dean Richard Corsi launched the Next Level research vision, on March 16 the college played host to the 2023 Next Level Research Showcase to celebrate 2022's award recipients, including their advancements in research and lessons learned.  

The Next Level Research Awards fund near-term research, conferences, symposia and planning for bold ideas that align with the college's strategic research impact areas: Advancing Human Health, Revolutionizing Energy Systems, Strengthening Climate Resilience and Transforming Mobility. The projects must be interdisciplinary and have the ability to advance national leadership, secure extramural funding, and articulate clear near, mid- and long-term goals.  

"Engineering a better world is at the core of our vision, and wow, does our community of talented faculty and researchers ever embody this aspiration," said Dean Corsi. "This is who our community is."

In 2022, 11 faculty members were awarded seed funding on eight projects with March 16's event giving a platform to share their progress those cutting-edge projects. Three cross-cutting projects that touch each of the college's four impact areas also received funding.  

Championed by Associate Dean for Research Raissa D'Souza, a second round of funding will be available in 2023.  

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Next Level Research Showcase: Panel Discussion, Funding Bold Ideas and Building Connections

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