Office of the Dean – 1121 Kemper 


Jennifer Curtis, Dean 530-752-0554
Jessie Catacutan, Executive Assistant Dean, Administration and Finance 530-752-3158
Alyssa Panitch, Associate Dean, Academic Personnel and Planning 530-754-3222
Carrie Chown, Dean’s Executive Analyst, Administrative Support Manager 530-752-7725
Ammy Martinez, Executive Support Assistant 530-752-0231

Administrative Offices – 1042 Kemper                                                                                (Academic Personnel, Budget, Events, Human Resources, Marketing/Communications, Research/Graduate Studies) 


Ricardo Castro, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies 530-752-1650
Melanie Christensen, Faculty Development Analyst 530-752-4980
Rachel Furtado, Communications Specialist 530-752-5924
De Doan, Research and Education Strategic Decision Analyst (2061 Acad. Surge) 530-754-8944
Manju Kaul, Chief Financial Analyst 530-754-8725
Gisele Morris, Human Resources Manager (2391 Acad. Surge) 530-752-5747
Aditi Risbud Bartl, Director of Marketing and Communications  530-752-4563
Elsa Rojas Perez, Associate Dean and Budget Support Assistant 530-752-7215
Francesca Ross, Event Coordinator 530-754-9666
Alin Wakefield, Research & Graduate Studies Development Coordinator  530-752-1650

Center for Nano- and Micro-Manufacturing (CNM2) – 1209 Kemper


Ryan Anderson, CNM2 Manager 530-752-9831
Yusha Bey, Senior Development Engineer  530-752-9831
Chan Ho Kim, Associate Development Engineer 530-752-9831
Rand Jean, Research and Development Engineer 530-752-9831
Paula Lee, Administrative Assistant 530-752-9831

Development and External Relations – 2021 Academic Surge


Leigh Ann Hartman, Assistant Dean 530-304-8256
Janel Alpert, Assistant Director of Development 530-754-0738 
Molly Bechtel, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator 530-752-0848
Lizzy Drake, Assistant Director of Development 530-752-5917
Lamia Hajani, Development Assistant  530-752-3849
Sarah Hodge, Director of Development 530-752-4724
Alison Metzger-Jones, External Relations Manager 530-752-8131

Engineering Student Design Center – 1220 Bainer 


Mike Akahori, Student Shop Supervisor 530-752-1109
Sherry Batin, Student Shop Assistant Development Engineer 530-752-1109
David Kehlet, Student Shop Assistant Development Engineer 530-752-1109
Shawn Malone, Student Shop Assistant Development Engineer 530-752-1109

Engineering Undergraduate Office – 1050 Kemper


Jim Schaaf, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies 530-752-0556
Tanya Culliver-Whitlow, Director of LEADR Program 530-754-6556
Natasha Coulter, Student Advisor 530-752-1905
Jordan Dade, International Student Advisor 530-752-8009
Nancy Davis, Student Advisor 530-752-7195
Laura Hackett, LEADR Program Advisor 530-752-8848
Lisa Laughter, First-Year Academic Advisor 530-752-9345
Chris Le, Counselor 530-752-1979
Shadaya Litt, Student Advisor 530-752-0054
Lili Mirshahzadeh, Student Advisor 530-752-5288
Mary Ramirez, Director of Outreach and Recruitment 530-752-3316
David Spight, Director of Undergraduate Affairs 530-752-4075
Mayra Zamora, Student Advising Assistant  530-752-0553
Academic Peer Advisors 530-752-1979
General Information 530-752-1979

Facilities and Safety – 2051 Academic Surge


Case van Dam, Associate Dean, Facilities and Capital Planning (1042 Kemper) 530-752-7741
Scott Cooling, Project Manager 530-219-7060
Justin Hall, Facilities Manager 530-752-5637
Stephani Shone, Logistics Coordinator 530-752-3053
COE Receiving (1334-A Bainer)  530-752-4921

Information Technology Shared Services – 2021 Academic Surge


Steve Pigg, Executive Director, Information Technology 530-752-6012
Heidi Arnold, Systems Administrator 530-752-6465
Dean Bunn, Web Applications Developer 530-752-7742
Ben Clark, Systems Administrator 530-752-7615
Brian Donnelly, Manager 530-754-6857
Jason Fearing, Service Desk Manager 530-752-9939
John Kralik, Systems Administrator 530-754-6449
Miriam McDonald, Business Technical Support (1715 Tilla Street) 707-305-9907
Erik Peters, System Admin/Desktop Engineering 530-752-9939

Purchasing and Accounts Payable Shared Services – 2028 Academic Surge


Susan Lopez, Co-Supervisor, Purchasing Shared Services 530-752-5197
Meshell Louderman, Co-Supervisor, Purchasing Shared Services 530-752-7005
Norma Andrade, Purchasing/AP Specialist 530-754-0440
Denise Bray, Purchasing/AP Specialist 530-754-0439
Irma Cerna, Purchasing/AP Specialist  530-754-0442
Pia Flory, Purchasing/AP Lead 530-754-0432
Jill Kessler, Purchasing/AP Specialist 530-754-0441
Kathleen Sanchez, Purchasing/AP Specialist 530-754-0437

Student Startup Center (SSC) – 1124 Bainer


Liz Tang, Director, Student Startup Center 530-752-6161
Aaron Anderson, Associate Director, Student Startup Center 530-752-6161

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